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Professional Services for Funeral and Cremation in The Highlands, KY

JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care is one of the best providers of funeral and cremation services in The Highlands, KY and surrounding areas. For over 100 years, we have served the community for many generations with great pride and joy in providing quality service. Our goal is focused on offering meaningful, and affordable funeral and cremation services that are appropriate to your needs. We strive to be the ultimate provider of a unique healing experience during your difficult time. Call us today at (502) 776-4661 to assist you through the process.

Suppose you need to plan a funeral and cremation in The Highlands, KY, for a deceased relation. In that case, you will undoubtedly want a funerary provider you feel is trustworthy to help with this weighty responsibility. The family-owned small business, JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care, has been serving the surrounding communities with compassionate deathcare needs one client and family at a time for years. Having an experienced firm in your corner can help you feel a sense of security and safety since you know you are in capable hands.

Personalizing Deathcare Services for Funeral and Cremation in The Highlands, KY

Services for each person who comes through our doors are distinct and different. Though formats may be similar, our professionals try never to lose sight that the person we are caring for and honoring is a person who matters and will be deeply missed. This lens keeps us vigilant at caring for your loved ones as we would our own. It also helps us invite you to honor them in ways that will validate the life and legacy they have left behind.

Traditional Funeral: An event that honors the dead in a familiar format. Funerals can be held in various settings such as a church, event center, private residence, or at the funeral home. All of the services are scheduled soon to accommodate the time-sensitive need to have the body present for the services. There can be a funeral wake held before the service where the family can visit with friends and acquaintances who have come to share their grief and mourn this loss. If embalming has been performed, the open casketed body may be visible for this.

Complete Cremations for Flexibility: Cremation is a process that completely transforms the deceased's body from its recognizable form into a relatively small collection of granulated bone fragments. This is done through incineration in a heat-proof chamber where the body is placed before the flames ignite. When only portions of the bones remain, the chamber is cooled, then the bones are gathered and processed into the form we call 'ashes.'

A complete cremation package combines services for funeral and cremation in The Highlands, KY. This option makes it possible to have the best of both services. Funerals offer closure and help the bereaved make sense of this new reality by helping acceptance settle in. In addition, cremation provides an alternative to casket burial, allowing the final resting place to be more flexible in location.

Direct Cremations for Body Disposition Only: On the other hand, cremation can be done without any other public service attached to it. When purchased as a stand-alone service, it's called a direct or simple cremation. Regardless of the type of cremation, you are buying, be assured that all applicable laws and ethical practices will be adhered to.

Low-Cost Cremation to Support Family Needs: There are options for lower-cost solutions between a full cremation and a direct cremation. If a family wishes to have an opportunity to say goodbye before cremation is handled, that can be scheduled. The guest list will be minimal, and the meeting will not extend beyond the two-hour mark. Another possible option would be to have a memorial service after the cremation has been completed.

It's the Smallest Details That Make a Difference

Your funerary team at JB Ratterman & Sons will be busy setting all of the little details in place so that your event goes smoothly and also feels professional and polished. With the overall plans set, you can put your focus back where it needs to go—supporting yourself and your remaining loved ones as you navigate this loss. Here is just an example of a few things we take care of to help you at this time:

A Visitors Register: We provide a place for your guests to sign in and offer words of compassion and sympathy in writing. Their memories and stories could also be recorded here. This book often becomes a treasured keepsake.

Acknowledgment Cards: Though there is no need to send a thank you card to each attendee, you may be inclined to send words of gratitude to those who sent flowers or rearranged their lives significantly to support you at the funerary events. Preprinted acknowledgment cards with your chosen messages will be ordered for you so that this task might be made just a bit simpler when the time comes to send your expressions of gratitude.

Begin the Arrangements Process with a Call to Our Facility

At JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care, our team of experts is more than ready to help you with the delicate plans surrounding funeral and cremation in The Highlands, KY. Please call us today at (502) 776-4661 for your immediate, upcoming, or future funerary needs to be planned. Our beautiful location is 2114 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40212.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • Why should I pre-plan my funeral?
    • Planning your funeral arrangements in advance is the best way to ensure that you and those who love can handle things during this difficult time. Planning ahead will give everyone peace of mind knowing their wishes were taken care of. Learn more about why you should plan ahead.

  • What is needed when planning a funeral?
    • When you need to plan a funeral, there are several things that must be done. There will be paperwork to complete and decisions about services and other items to make. It's important that everyone plan ahead so that they feel prepared and good about what happens after someone dies. Check out our pre-planning checklist.

  • What is included in a funeral package?
    • Burial clothes are usually provided free of charge, but it depends on your provider. Some suppliers may ask for an additional fee. This means that you will not have to buy extra clothing to bury or cremate your loved one. You will also receive items such as caskets, outer burial containers (for cremation), vaults, and urns without having to pay more money out-of-pocket. Learn more about our traditional funeral packages.