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We provide meaningful and affordable funeral and cremation services in Portland, KY and surrounding areas. JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care have been family-owned and operated since 1914 and are happy to serve the community for many generations with utmost excellence and pride. Our goal has always been to provide you with a unique healing experience during your difficult time. Our state-of-the-art facility is big enough for small or large gatherings and fully customizable to accommodate your every need. Get in touch with us by calling (502) 776-4661.

JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care has served local families with funerary needs for many years. Our multi-generational family-owned firm has built a legacy of compassionate service with respectful deathcare in public and private service packages. Working with a respectful and experienced funeral home when you require the planning of final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Portland, KY, will be an enormous source of support to you and your relations.

Many Ways to Customize Funeral and Cremation in Portland, KY

There are many good ways to take care of the final arrangements to lay your loved one to rest. We have options for the budget-conscious consumer and those looking to plan an elaborate traditional affair. Here are just a few of the options that you could work with:

  • Funeral Service: The funeral service is a beautiful way to lay your loved one to rest more traditionally. Tradition can bring comfort and certainly has a place for many of us. If you are looking for more modern or simplified funeral plans, these services can be made into whatever you need them to be. Because the casketed remains are an essential element of the event(s), the service is generally scheduled as soon after death as is practical. Burial often follows a funeral service.
  • Church Funerals with Visitations: One option for funeral services is to hold both the visitation and the funeral at the church on the same day. This simplifies things for your guests and saves you some cash along the way. Our funerary team has experience working with all area churches and the attending clergy. We can help you with this combination service in a place that honors the religious preference of your deceased and family.
  • Cremations: If casket burial is out of reach financially or distasteful to you for any reason, a great alternative is to have a cremation performed for the disposition of the body. In cremation, the deceased is secured in a cremation container and then burned until all soft tissues have been eliminated. The resulting fragments of skeletal remains are taken after cooling and ground into small particles. These are what we are referring to when we speak of ashes.
    Both funeral and cremation in Portland, KY can be handled for the same person when that is wanted. Funerary events and ceremonies are completed first and followed by the cremation procedure. If embalming and public presentation are offered, a freshly-lined casket may be rented for this purpose. This procedure can also be held with fewer or no public goodbye held in their honor. It all depends on the needs of the family and the final wishes of the deceased.
  • Low-Cost Cremation: A low-cost cremation service is a cost-effective middle ground between a complete cremation with the funeral package and a simple, stand-alone cremation. This might take a few different forms, including having a memorial service sometime after the completed cremation. Another format could be having a more private scheduled time for a small gathering to have two hours to say goodbye and honor the life that has been lived. The cremation follows this window of time.
  • Direct Cremations: In some instances, holding an honoring service doesn’t make sense. If that is the case, a direct cremation can be a great solution. Without any other events being planned and paid for at this time, the cremation is considered a stand-alone service. Even if there is no ceremony, your loved one will be afforded the same respectful process that follows all ethical and legal requirements for cremation services.

Other Ways We Support Our Clients

Some of our funerary packages offer other services to help and support our client families. Part of our job is to see these meaningful details without overburdening the family with extra things to remember.

  • Visitors Register: A guest book or visitors register gives your attendees and guests a place to record their names and condolences. Sometimes guests will even take a moment to write a memory or story in the record. What a wonderful keepsake this will be for your family to have as you move through your grief.
  • Acknowledgment Cards: Having printed thank you notes that are sincere and easily personalized can make a difficult task a bit easier. Acknowledgment cards need not be sent to everyone who comes but may be appropriate for those who sent/brought flowers or traveled long distances to attend.

Call Today to Get the Help You Need With Final Arrangements

Plans for services surrounding funeral and cremation in Portland, KY, can be respectfully administered with the help of the caring and competent professionals at JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care. Call (502) 776-4661 or stop in and see us at 2114 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40212 so we may further assist you.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • Why choose cremation services?
    • They are much more affordable than traditional burial services, and the costs do not increase if an urn is later purchased after the service. It can also be inexpensive for those who decide to donate their body to science, which allows them to give back to society even after they have passed away. Additionally, if the deceased had spent time in hospice, cremation services may be one of the only options available to their family after death.

  • How much does a funeral service cost?
    • Funeral services range depending on how many attendees there are and what you need varying prices for basic funerals to extravagant ceremonies. The average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. This includes things like the casket, viewing or service, catering for the reception after the service, flowers, urn, or cremation urn housing remains if required.

  • What support is available to someone who is grieving?
    • Giving a thoughtful gesture to your friend or family member who has lost someone they love can be very supportive. This might mean going out of the way, like inviting them over for coffee and talking about how much that person meant in life so it's easier on both ends. The tone should also carry some emotion which will help the reader relate better with what you're trying to convey. Check out grief support resources.