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A History of Experience and Compassion with Funeral and Cremation in Louisville, KY

JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care is a full-service concierge for the funeral and cremation services in Louisville, KY and the neighboring areas. Since 1914, we have served the families in the community with excellence and quality service. Our mission is focused on providing meaningful, and affordable services that are appropriate to your needs. Our dedicated and caring staff are always available to assist you in your most difficult time. Give us a call today at (502) 776-4661 for all your funeral and cremation needs.

It is vital to work with a funeral home that you feel like you can trust when you are planning for final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Louisville, KY. At JB Ratterman & Sons Funerals & Family Cremation Care, we are a family-owned and operated small business. Our industry professionals have a history of experience and caring service to those needing deathcare procedures and events. We work carefully with you to learn about your loved one and design respectful honoring ceremonies, whether large or small.

You Have Choices: Customizing Funeral and Cremation in Louisville, KY

Your loved one who has passed has lived an individual, unique life. Because of this, we feel an urgency to help you honor them in a validating way. Customizing the funerary services and procedures to accommodate little details can make this all the more touching, which can help hold space for you and other close relations who deeply feel this loss. Let’s take a look at some of the options that you might consider:

  • Funeral: Traditionally, a funeral service is connected to several events that work together to honor the memory of the person who has passed away. Since a funeral is usually a ceremony where the casketed remains are present, it is most often scheduled within a short time of the death date. A visitation or funeral wake might include the option of public viewing. This viewing generally happens before the funeral itself. The burial can also be part of the funeral services with an escorted procession driving to the cemetery together.

    However, a funeral can also be simplified or modified to have only the event where your loved one is celebrated, remembered, and mourned. Sometimes this streamlined funeral is held directly at the graveside surrounding the closed casket. A service like this tends to be smaller and less formal, though it can be what you and your family need it to be.
  • Cremations: A process to care for the deceased remains through flame cremation reduces the body to its most basic elements. In this process, the cremation chamber is loaded with one individual and burned until only portions of the skeleton remain. These bone fragments are then collected and processed into tiny grains. Cremations are a respectful, sanitary, and timely way to dispose of the body after death.

    The cremation procedure can be administered for an individual who is also honored with a funeral or memorial service. The funeral service should be completed first and can include embalming, viewing, and lying in repose in a rented casket for the event. Cremation takes place after all funeral-related events are completed. This combination of both funeral and cremation in Louisville, KY, brings the best of both arrangements together.
  • Low-Cost Cremation and Direct Cremations: If you prefer to have fewer events or no public ceremony affiliated with the cremation of your loved one, that is also an option. These would be considered low-cost cremation or direct cremation services. This type of service is stand-alone or perhaps planned with a brief goodbye arranged for a minimal number of close relations.
  • Church Funerals with Visitations: If you wish to hold your service at a church with clergy, organ music, etc., this can be as traditional and formal as you desire. A Visitation event can be held, if allowed, at the church before the funeral service. A visitation can be an excellent way for sympathizers to offer their condolences to the family and pay final respects to the deceased. This can help the closest relations feel supported by providing all who attend a sense of closure while making way for psychological acceptance.

Other Services Provided to Our Client Families

Many of our final arrangement packages include other valued services for our client families. These extras feel very important and have a purpose behind them. Here are just a few:

  • Visitors Register: Having a place for your guests to sign in helps in many ways. First off, you’ll have a record of who came to the services. This visitors register can help you quickly recall who might need an acknowledgment card. Memories or stories might be recapped here by your guests, making such a lovely keepsake for you after the funerary events are completed.
  • Acknowledgment Cards: It is not necessary to send a note of thanks to everyone who attended the services for your loved one. Having a stack of sincerely worded, preprinted cards to send to those who sent flowers or went out of their way to attend makes sending these a little easier.

Call Now to Begin the Arrangements Process

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Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • How long does it take for a body to be cremated?
    • The length of time depends on the size and weight of the body. A larger person (who also may have been embalmed with fluid that slows down decomposition) will take longer than a smaller person who was not. The average is about two hours, but in some cases, it can take upwards of four or five hours for a body to be completely reduced by flame and heat. Learn more about cremation FAQs.

  • What is a traditional cremation?
    • Traditional cremation, also known as open-air cremation, is a traditional and eco-friendly alternative to modern burial funeral options. When choosing this form of disposition, the body is typically burned in an outdoor space where friends and family may gather to memorialize the deceased through their presence, stories, songs, etc. Learn more about our traditional cremation care.

  • When should I pre-plan a funeral?
    • You should start planning your funeral as soon as possible, ideally after the age of 50. This is because generally people's preferences change over time and things can become more expensive as you get older. However, there are no rules so don't worry if you're younger than this. Just do it whenever you feel ready. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.